Options For All

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Options For All (OFA) is a California, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, dedicated to creating and supporting opportunities for adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD).

We provide our clients with opportunities to enjoy life in their community with dignity and respect.

Purpose & Vision

Our Purpose
We exist to create and support opportunities for adults with I/DD in making choices to live, work, and love life in their community with dignity and respect.

Our Vision
Our team creates hope, inspires dreams, and enables our clients to live a life without limits. Options For All: The best place to be.

“Thank you Options For All for inspiring dreams for everyone. You have definitely inspired me.”

- Kyle, Film & Media Studio Consumer

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The Best Vision is Insight

Over 35 years ago, eight adults with I/DD in San Diego county embarked on a path toward universal social equality. Today this journey has become Options For All, a non-profit organization creating opportunities for adults with I/DD in making choices to live, work, and enjoy life in their community with dignity and respect.

Since our inception in 1985, we now serve 1,500+ consumers across the state of California with more than eight innovative programs.

Services begin as a Foundation for Education Achievement (FEA) division, supporting eight adults with I/DD.

Services become a stand-alone 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Brian Zotti
President & Chief Executive Officer

Brian is an experienced executive, leader, and trailblazer. Driven by altruism and helping others, he takes pride in providing innovative solutions and positive influence in his work and community. As Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Brian provides leadership and strategic direction for OFA’s multiple locations, 400+ personnel, and 1500 clients throughout the state of CA.

Melissa Malone-Montgomery
Chief Operating Officer

Melissa is an experienced operations strategist and team builder. She believes in and instills the importance of best serving Options For All's staff and clients. As Chief Operating Officer (COO), Melissa oversees finance, marketing, grants, project management, IT, real estate, payroll, employee benefits, and administration.

Meet Our Partners

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is an international, nonprofit organization dedicated to a diverse workplace. This partnership has provided our consumers with various employment opportunities.

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s is a national chain of neighborhood grocery stores that has been an Options For All employment partner for over ten years.


Start a Fulfilling Career

From direct support professional (DSP) to executive leadership, we offer a variety of career paths, competitive wages, day-one access to a comprehensive suite of benefits, and a retirement plan.

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