When Dreams Become Reality

At Options For All, we believe that everyone deserves a career they love. To begin the day with a sense of purpose and to end it with a feeling of fulfillment. Through our donors’ contributions and the tireless work of Options For All staff, finding a dream job as a person with a developmental disability is a reality. A graduate of our Film & Media Program, Ludivico Estrada, is a perfect example. 

Ludivico Estrada, or “Ludi” as he’s known at the office, is a creative powerhouse. With an interest in graphic design and film production, the Options For All Film & Media Studio in San Diego was a perfect match. He quickly learned from his instructors and showed an early aptitude for working with cameras, film editing, creating sets, and designing film posters. He even worked with staff during our rebranding to make the Options For All logo. 

Ludi’s passion for his work is evident to anyone who meets him. Upon graduation, he was hired by Options For All in an official capacity as a Production Assistant. In this role, he supports us in creating videos and films that share the Options For All story. He most enjoys creative work and is always ready to jump in and help out, no matter the project. According to OFA Production Manager Dan Roper, “Ludi is dedicated to his work and has a keen ability for focus. We’re thrilled to have him as part of the team!” Ludivico also works as an independent contractor and produces educational and music videos for YouTube.  

Ludi’s advice for others looking to land their dream job is to “follow your dreams and work your way through until you get the hang of it”. And for those who aren’t sure where to start, he says, ” If you want to follow your dreams and find a career you’ll love, come visit Options For All and see if it’s the right fit for you.”