Privacy Policy

It is OFA’s policy to safeguard all participants’ personal information to ensure confidentiality. Additionally, OFA will collect only the information that is required to pursue its business operations and to comply with government reporting and disclosure requirements. 

A participant’s personal information will be considered confidential and, as such, will be shared only as required and only with those who have a need for access to such information. All hard copies of records will be maintained in locked, secure areas with access limited to those who have a need for such access. Personal participant information used in business system applications will be safeguarded under company proprietary electronic transmission and intranet policies and security systems. 

The company respects the participants’ right to privacy and will not give personal participant information to requesting individuals or agencies without the participants’ expressed written consent. Only information that is directly related to and/or necessary to ensure the participants’ success in our programs will be shared, even if the participant has given written consent to share information outside of these parameters. 

Employees are prohibited from using or disclosing any personal, medical, financial or criminal information regarding OFA participants. All such matters, materials and information are considered confidential and shall not be released without written authorization of the participant(s) involved, unless in such cases that information is legally required or needed to conduct normal business. 

Employees should be aware that a breach of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. 

All participants have the right to inspect their Participant File, which is maintained by OFA. Should a participant desire to inspect their file, they should submit a request for an appointment through the manager that is responsible for their case. Notes may be taken about the contents of the file but nothing is to be removed, destroyed or altered.