Employment Services

Gain a sense of purpose, responsibility, and independence through contributing to our community with paid work. We offer various employment services to satisfy your goals through individual employment, group employment, and paid internship opportunities.

All opportunities are supported and coached tailored to the levels of independence requested from you and our employment partners.

Work with highly satisfied employment partners throughout California to identify a job or vocational opportunity right for you.

Job Coaches are available for on-site support tailored to the level of assistance requested from you and our employment partners.​


Please provide your contact information for one of our team members to get in touch and share more about our intake process.

Supported Employment

Individual Employment
  • We pair you with a job opening that best matches your interest and skills.
  • Find part-time or full-time career opportunities.
  • We provide on-the-job support to maintain successful employment.
Paid Internship Program: ​
  • Find paid internships to help you gain work experience.
  • We provide support from onboarding to on-the-job coaching.

Placement Services

Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) Services
  • General placement services for clients that are active with DOR.
  • We provide short-term on-the-job support to ensure successful placements.
Student and Adult Work Services
  • Students Age: 16-22 | Adults Age: 21+
  • Work with those we serve where we remain the employer of record, paying their salary up to 3 months or 100 hours (whichever comes first).
  • We remain responsible for all liability of those we serve, so your organization can rest assured that everything is covered.


Jobs Types

  • Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Restaurant​
  • Engineering
  • Video production
  • And more!​

Vocational opportunities are based on your schedule and personal goals. Our number one outcome is to facilitate the right option for you!

Key entrance criteria:

  • Adults, 18 and over, with an intellectual and/or developmental disability.
  • Individuals 16 to 22 with an intellectual and/or developmental disability for Student Services.
  • The individual must express interest in competitive integrated employment.
  • The individual does not present a danger to themselves or others.
  • Funding must come from the Regional Center, DOR, or private payment.
  • The individual must travel independently to and from the designated worksite.



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Success Story


Randy experienced the transition to competitive integrated employment when he joined our Supported Employment program in 2019. Randy previously worked at a group employment site for a full-service marking device manufacturer. He was compensated based on his productivity and made as little as $3.20 an hour.

Randy now works at Home Depot in their gardening department, where he interacts with customers, tends to the plants and inventory, contributes to a team, and is compensated with equity.

“My favorite part about working at Home Depot is helping customers! And watering the plants. If there’s no watering to be done, there’s always more to do.”

Randy, Supported Employment Consumer
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Success Story


Preston, a graduate of the Options For All Film and Media Studios program, worked in several internships in the film industry before deciding he wanted to try something new. Preston told his Job Developer Rachel that he wanted to work in the grocery industry. Rachel worked with Preston on creating his resume and practicing interviewing skills. He also learned about appropriate workplace etiquette.

In November 2019, Preston landed a job with Sprout’s grocery store as a courtesy clerk.
Preston said he genuinely enjoys his job. His supervisors and managers all say that they
would not know what to do without Preston.

Preston, Supported Employment Consumer

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Please provide your contact information for one of our team members to get in touch and share more about our intake process.