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If you want an opportunity to learn the skills used to work in the film industry or explore your creativity, make new friends, and have fun working as part of a film crew, this is the program for you. After learning about the different production departments, you will identify and build skills in the area of your interest. Each program semester, you will apply what you have learned by working on projects that may include short films, documentaries, corporate videos, and more.

You will learn the various facets of film production and multimedia development through classroom instruction and hands-on training.

Working with a team of media professionals, you will be trained with industry-grade equipment to create exciting projects.


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Program Logistics

Our program is broken down into semesters where each semester is 20 weeks long with an average of 25 hours of weekly instruction from Monday through Friday. In your fourth semester, you will be assessed for maximum skill acquisition, where you have the option to continue your training, explore employment opportunities, or transition to a new service to meet your needs. While in the program, you will explore your creativity, learn new skills, and create media projects from start to finish.

Some of the following projects you can expect to work on:
  • Short films
  • Documentaries
  • Feature films
  • Corporate videos
  • Podcasts
  • Animation/stop-motion
  • And more!

Our Classes

Industry professionals provide instruction in a classroom setting that incorporates hands-on learning opportunities.


Camera & Lighting
  • Learn how to set up, use, and strike production-set lighting and grip equipment.
  • Learn the basic functions of the digital video camera.
  • Learn how to set up a tripod and operate a digital video camera from start to finish.
  • Understand 3-point lighting, proper camera exposure settings, framing, and camera operation.
  • Gain a basic understanding of non-linear editing (i.e., Adobe Premiere) and complementary software.
  • Learn organizational skills necessary to be an editor.
  • Learn to assemble a rough cut of a project and apply the score, create titles and simple, special effects to enhance the quality of your project.
  • Experience how post-production can impact an actor’s performance or give the project a desired look and feel.
  • Learn advanced editing techniques, such as synthesizing a master shot, close-ups, and applying transitions that make your projects more enjoyable.
  • Gain a basic understanding of Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Learn how to manipulate photos and create graphics.
Audio Design
  • Learn the primary method of sound editing and mixing on software such as Protools.
  • Learn recording techniques and how to edit recorded audio.
  • Learn how to record ADR using specific microphones.
  • Learn how specific techniques to record sound effects and Foley.
  • Learn how to gather clear audio from talent on-set.
  • Understand the fundamentals of acting through the Method, Chekhov technique, and improvisation.
  • Create a character using voice and movement.
  • Understand the basics of camera acting, including body position with the camera.
  • Understand the purpose of a casting panel and learn to read lines to outside talent.
  • Gain an understanding of how to manage a production set and give instruction for each take.
  • Learn the complexity of the relationship between the actors, Camera, and crew.
  • Learn how to format a script for a film using Celtx.
  • Learn to work together, build confidence, and develop social skills through exercises designed to mirror real-life situations.
  • Provide peer review and collaboration with the scripts developed.
  • Achieve a working knowledge of script development, character analysis, and plot.
Art/Production Design
  • Understand the basic methods of film design for props, costumes, and sets.
  • Learn essential make-up elements, including; parts of the face, realistic and unrealistic makeup, and special effects.
  • Learn how the color wheel can be manipulated to achieve an effect.
  • Create storyboards for the productions created.


What Comes Next?

Employment Opportunities

Once you’ve completed our program, you may wish to seek employment opportunities by transitioning to our Employment Services.


The success of some of our students includes:

  • A contract Editor at cable television company Cox Communications.
  • A camera Operator for Emmy Awarded Project Jane Mitchell One on One with Hall of Famer Trevor Hoffman.
  • A social Media Intern at full-service writing agency Mom Is Always Write Media Inc.
  • Hired on at Options For All as Production Assistants and Program Aides.
  • A grip on the feature film Carol of The Bells.
  • And more!

If you are not interested in exploring employment opportunities, we will help you identify and explore another one of our services to meet your needs.

Alumni Group

Join the Film & Media Alumni Group, where you stay connected to your fellow filmmakers and continue to practice your acquired skills. Speak with your Studio Manager for more information.


Key entrance criteria:

  • Adults, 18 and over, with an intellectual and/or developmental disability.
  • The individual must express an interest in film and media production.
  • The individual does not present a danger to themselves or others.
  • Funding must come from the Regional Center or through private payment.
  • The individual understands that to get the full benefit of the program, they need to complete the entire program and maintain a 95% attendance rate.
  • The individual must travel independently to and from the designated production location.



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Success Story


Eric joined our Film & Media Studio in January of 2017. Throughout the four semesters of exploration and skill-building, he discovered his talent for editing. With the support of our Employment Services team, Eric was offered an internship opportunity with Cox Communications, where Eric is now a long-term contractor. With the flexibility of being a contractor, Eric also works with our production team, where he continues to experience fulfilling employment in a field that calls for his creativity.

Eric, Film & Media Consumer

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