We serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, striving to inspire each of our participants to feel pride and accomplishment from pursuit of their goals.


Who We Serve


We value the aspirations and potential in the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and we believe in creating opportunities for each individual to enrich their lives. 

Our Programs and Services


We are excited to partner with businesses across the US providing opportunities through gainful employment for adults with challenges including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and Hearing and Vision Impairment.

Where We Operate


Options for All serves individuals in San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties. 

Employment Success Stories

“Arthur is 43 years old and has Down syndrome. He works [at a bowling alley] three mornings a week… His dedication is captivating.

“He doesn’t stop for anything — he just keeps going and going,” says Barbara Raeburn, the manager behind the counter at the bowling alley this morning. “We have to make him stop working.”



We’d like to express our sincere gratitude to our key sponsors who support Options For All:

An Orientation to College Life For Youth With Disabilities

Project College offers a week-long college experience every June for youth aged 17-22 with a developmental disability or on the Autism Spectrum. For further information and our application click here.

Opportunities to Succeed | Our Services


We value allowing participants to choose their path and we believe it is our job to offer the support they need to fulfill their personal goals.


Film and Media Studio

Participants develop the necessary skills to find employment in film and media production.

  • Partnership with Inclusion Films and Joey Travolta, provides hands-on, skill-building learning opportunities for participants.

  • Robust 80-week film and media training program with 25 hours per week of training opportunity.

  • More than 100 individuals are actively participating in this program.

Supported Employment Services

Participants gain a sense of purpose, responsibility and independence through  employment.

  • Options For All has spent 30 years developing relationships with 500 employers to successfully train and place individuals into paying jobs.

  • More than 175 individuals have been employed in each of the last five years.

  • 33% of our participants are able to secure and maintain employment every year.

  • This program received a 97% participant satisfaction rating, while employers’ overall satisfaction was 97%.*

Community Engagement Services

Participants experience community acceptance and benefits that we all derive as full  members of our communities, whether it is through volunteering, working or socializing.

  • Options For All has spent more than 30 years developing and refining this program to fully prepare individuals with life skills and social skills.

  • More than 2,000 individuals, ranging in age from 18 – 65, have participated in this program.

  • This is a true alternative to traditional day programs offered by other agencies that are not designed to prepare participants for full integration.

  • This program received a 97% participant satisfaction rating, while employers’ overall satisfaction was 97%.*

Tailored Day Services

Participants experience the pride of accomplishment in pursuing their individual  personal and professional goals. 

  • Individuals are free to explore employment, education or community integration options.

  • Highly individualized one-to-one programs provide maximum freedom to discover personal interests and to explore and develop new skills.

  • Flexible schedules provide individuals further control of how they wish to participate.

  • Goals achieved include: performing as a stand-up comedian on the local circuit; competing in a Las Vegas body building competition, performing a magic act, obtaining a bachelors degree in sociology, receiving an intellectual property patent, and more.

  • This program received a 99% participant satisfaction rating.*

Enhanced Community Engagement

Participants with significant behavioral challenges can now benefit from training and opportunities in the community to meet their personal short- and long-term goals.

  • Two program levels to address specific needs of behaviorally challenged participants.

  • High staff involvement with 1 staff member to every 2-3 participants.

  • To date, more than 44 participants have come through the program.

  • The only community based program of its kind in San Diego.

  • The most openly accessible program in San Diego.

  • We help those who are unable to be served by the other agencies with our non- exclusionary community-based program.

Social Enterprise

Participants experience pride of accomplishment in operating a business.

  • Four fully dedicated microenterprises in operation for participants

    • Poway Super Shredders

    • Vending Express

    • Feel Good Coffee

  • Dedicated training and support specialist to provide ongoing training and oversight.

  • Flexible schedules to accommodate participant needs.

  • More than 30 active individuals have participated in this program.

  • Opportunities for business leadership and managerial experience.

Independent Living Services

Participants enjoy living independent and self-sufficient lives.

  • Comprehensive program teaching 20+ essential life skills ranging from meal preparation and money management to public transportation and community safety.

  • Comprehensive 8-step program for securing suitable community-based housing.

  • More than 200 of individuals have participated in this program.

* Source:2016-17 Outcome Measurement Report.

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