500+ Highly Satisfied Employers

Employers’ overall  satisfaction was 97%. Source: 2016-17 Outcome Measurement Report.

Not just a placement service, we are here to help both the program participants and the employers working with us to succeed! 

The growing list of California employers participating include:

  • Restaurants – Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery; On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina; Pizza Hut; TGI Friday’s, Rubio’s Baja Grill, O’s American Kitchen

  • Retailers – Barnes & Noble, Old Navy, Sports Authority, Walgreens, Walmart

  • Grocers – New Leaf Market, Stater Bros., Vons

  • Plus – Marriott Hotel, Signature Theatres, Rite-Aid, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

We work with more than 200 local businesses to identify jobs or volunteer opportunities that are a good fit and can offer our participants between 6 - 20 hours of employment per week.

Ask about Transportation services which are available in some areas and fully funded by the regional center.

175+ Highly Satisfied Participants Each Year. 

33% of our participants are able to secure and maintain employment every year.

We collaborate with the San Diego Unified School District, working directly with students who are graduating from high school.  

For those who require a little coaching but can managed 80% of the job responsibilities we pair a Job Coach and competitive job placement.  We stay with the relationship until the participant is comfortable and the employer is satisfied. 


arthur at work Bowling Alley.jpg

He doesn’t stop for anything – he just keeps going and going.

"Arthur is 43 years old and has Down syndrome. He works here three mornings a week, from 9 to 11, before heading out for life-skills training with an aide. He utters a few words of hello to me, answers a couple of questions, but is clearly not in the business of speaking to some reporter when there is work to do. For two hours, he’ll barely acknowledge my presence. His dedication is captivating.

“He doesn’t stop for anything — he just keeps going and going,” says Barbara Raeburn, the manager behind the counter at the bowling alley this morning. “We have to make him stop working.”