We work closely with the San Diego Regional Center to provide services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Services we provide are paid for by the Regional Center or the Department of Rehabilitation. For those people who have funding from other sources, we will help you set up payment options independently. If you're new to the process or the area CLICK HERE for our Getting Started Checklist.

Reach out to Regional Director, Myles Horttor

t. (858) 565-9870 Ext. 215 | e. mhorttor@optionsforall.com

What inspires us is seeing the joy, pride and confidence experienced by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities when they achieve beyond what they thought possible.
— Nancy Batterman, Former CEO

Services Available in San Diego:

Participants experience community acceptance and benefits that we all derive as full  members of our communities, whether it is through volunteering, working or socializing.

Participants with significant behavioral challenges can now benefit from training and opportunities in the community to meet their personal short and long term goals.


Participants enjoy living independent and self-sufficient lives.

Participants develop the necessary skills to find employment in film and media production.

Gaining the skills necessary to work in film, television and video production.

Participants experience pride of accomplishment in operating a business.

Participants gain a sense of purpose, responsibility and independence through  employment.

Participants experience the pride of accomplishment in pursuing their individual  personal and professional goals.