production company provides the physical basis for works in the realms of the performing arts, film, television, radio, comics, video games and websites.

Options For All Productions is unique. We have locations in San Bernardino and San Diego that champion diversity and inclusion, our team of young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities has what it takes to creatively translate your ideas into compelling and effective video products for online, television or DVD/BluRay. With the Options For All Film and Media Studio, our aim is to help them to participate fully in their communities, grow personally and professionally, and achieve their goals. Within this innovative and dynamic environment, they have risen to the challenge of becoming talented young professionals. Our list of projects so far includes:

  • National Foundation for Autism Research – promotional video

  • San Diego Fire Department – Public Service Announcement

  • JCM Communications in conjunction with Cox Communications and the San Diego

  • Padres - television program featuring National Baseball Hall of Famer, Trevor Hoffman

  • The Automotive Museum’s Calumet Collection- recruiting video

  • The Man’s Cave Barbershop - commercial

  • Options For All - promotional and fundraising video

  • Pet Kingdom - internal use video

  • EBRAM - safety training video

  • Pacific Beach Training Center - karate training video

I am happy to come meet with you at your office or would enjoy providing you a tour of our exciting and seriously creative Film & Media Studio. Students in this very unique vocational program continually hone their skills by completing two independent short films per semester for distribution on Joey Travolta’s Inclusion Networks. Let them show you what they can do for you!

Dan Roper, M.A.
Production and Employment Specialist Options For All Productions
3959 Ruffin Road, Suite F
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 565-9870 ext. 237