Working Toward a Patent in TDS

I first sought Tailored Day services for help with a patent. I had a vision but much less of a grasp on the finer points of the process in which to carry it out. I’ve always had an interest in transportation and vehicles to a degree of taxation classically in line with the more unique and valuable tendencies of Autism, although some other less valuable tendencies of that condition have placed formidable challenges before me.

More imposing to me than the challenges of the condition by itself are the challenges of tackling a process that my grade school experience in special education didn’t quite prepare me for. That experience taught me more about raw conflict than anything else. I knew that what might make an intriguing coming of age movie might not necessarily help me navigate the delicate nuances of contract language. I knew that I was much more of a rebel and a dreamer than a legal ex- pert. I knew that I needed help. I can illustrate and manage some technical design, branding and web presence, but then there’s the matter of actually translating that passion into substance.

Gabrielle Attig from Options For All had just the kind of winning personality and legal knowledge that made working with her a very easy decision for me. Who knew I could and somebody this good? Over the last eight months, Gabrielle has helped me jump over hurdles that I might’ve otherwise blindly tripped over. In fact, I am pleased to learn that I was approved for pro bono legal services for my patent from California Lawyers for the Arts, a resource Gabrielle had helped me work to connect with for some time. Many more hurdles remain but working with good people makes all of that a much less daunting prospect.

During these 8 months Gabrielle has also helped me access a few other opportunities that I would’ve never been aware of had we not worked together. Gabrielle first informed me about a software tech-training program organized by The National Foundation of Autism Research (NFAR) that I am now enrolled in. I was also able to refer a few good friends to that program as well, improving their lives along with my own. Inventing is a very lofty pursuit amidst the hardscrabble game of finding and maintaining stable employment. My ultimate ambition is not motivated by money, but rather by achieving the means to produce a vision I have for the future of sustainable small scale urban transportation. In the end, it’s all about completing a meaningful project and appreciating all the help I’ve been given along the way. Once this project is completed I know it will make more sense, and certainly more news