Poway Super Shredders

On April 20, 2015 The Poway Super Shredders, a microenterprise of Options for All, held a free shredding event at the Elks Lodge in Poway, CA.

The goal of these shredding events is to expand Poway Super Shredder’s brand identity in their community by bringing in prospective new customers.

For over three hours, Regina, Roy and Danny under the leadership of their support specialist Missy, successfully wel- comed customers and assisted with lifting, sorting and shred- ding hundreds of pounds of paper. All to the up-beat tune of Bruno Mars.

These events are an ongoing opportunity for the owners of the Poway Super Shredders to serve their community proudly. This in turn allows Regina, Roy and Danny to experience the rewards and responsibilities of business ownership.

In 2013 in an effort to further our mission, Options for All, made a powerful decision to challenge the status quo of the programmatic mold and implement our Microenterprise program.

These successful entrepreneurial programs provide work for individuals that more closely matches their needs, versus those of a prospective employer.