Juan and His Fancy Suit

I have a great story for you. Juan works at Wal-Mart. Juan is a selfless, hard-working, and kind young man. Juan is a part of a community and a collective work ethic. And Juan is a client of Options for All.

Recently Juan was able to join Options for All at one of our bi-monthly networking events. Juan dressed quite dapper in a suit, and bravely expressed to the crowd the joy and fulfillment he has gained since being a part of the workforce.

Little did we know something even more special was to come next.

During his speech Juan triumphantly exclaimed that the very same suit he was wearing that night was not only his first suit ever, but he was able to proudly purchase it with his paychecks from Wal-Mart!

Last year, gifts such as yours enabled Options for All to cultivate partnerships with wonderful employers like Wal-Mart and many others to provide job training and placement for dozens of our participants like Juan.