He Has A Dream

There is a famous baseball quote by Tommy Lasorda that sums up the universal passion behind sports, “There are three types of baseball players; those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happens.”

Angel a native San Diegan and huge sports fan has always loved watching what happens on the field, in the ring or at the gym.

As an invaluable part of the National City Integrated Employment Program, Angel loves to share the latest and greatest in the sports world with his program companions.

But, Angel has decided he no longer wants to sit on the sidelines and watch what happens. Angel wants to make things happen.

Angel’s dream is to be a sports writer and blogger. With the help of his Program Manager, Nicki, and his job coaches, Angel has been crafting stories about any and everything from his local youth soccer games, up to some of the biggest matches in UFC history, all so that he can hone his craft.

“When I was 6 years old, I joined AYSO with my classmates … I have unforgettable moments with them. Not because of the wins, but rather from the skills that I have gained and implemented as time pass by.” – An excerpt from one of Angel’s nonfiction pieces.

During program Angel works to develop his photography, writing, editing and synthesizing skills and has begun looking for ways to publish his work.

The passion and dedication Angel has to his dream is something we can all learn from and it is to be admired.

Here at Options For All, we are proud to say your passion for our cause, felt by your generosity, helps provide the staff, such as Nicki and Angel’s job coaches, and the other necessary resources to champion Angel’s talents.

Your support also says something wonderful about you! You too have chosen to get off the sidelines and make positive change happen. You helped a young man like Angel pursue his dreams. We cannot thank you enough for that.