An Exciting Challenge

James was beaming. It was not only his first day of training on the floor at an Austin Walmart, but it was his dream job. For so long he had wanted to be a custodian. It was not only day one, but the first paid job he had ever had. James is 48 years old.

James is called a Maintenance Associate. With his work cart, he makes his way around the large store, cleaning spills and keeping the store clean by keeping the break room tidy, sanitizing the restrooms, making sure there is no trash inside the store and outside as well, and other duties as assigned.

Pride. James feels that as he works. His work ethic is tremendous. He is effective and kind as he interacts with fellow associates. He is helpful and friendly to customers. James smiles quite often. He reports that he likes his job.

James has dreams besides his work, goals that he has expressed having this job will hopefully make possible. He now has money to buy his girlfriend presents for special occasions. More importantly, he is saving money to “take care of her.” James has expressed that he wants to marry her someday.

It is important to James to do his job well. He seems to like to learn new tasks. The hardest part of his job isn’t that though, it’s walking all over the big Walmart for hours. Prior to his job he didn’t exercise much, so he now has a challenging and healthy activity to keep him on the go.

If only everyone was so happy to have a job, a terrific work ethic, and pride in work well done. Kudos to James!