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The Employment & Community Options’ Film & Media Camp is a one-week, 6 hours a day vocational program in partnership with Joey Travolta and Inclusion Films. This spring break camp is designed to address social, cognitive, communication and interpersonal skills for young adults ages 16 and older with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The camp offers IDD campers the educational opportunity to learn the process of making a short under the guidance and instruction of Joey Travolta and his professional teaching crew. Campers are taken through a step by step process of making a film learning the following skills: pre/post production, acting, directing, editing, technical support, and camera filming. Finally, campers will develop their own “group” short film, while following the standards used in the professional filmmaking industry. This is truly a unique opportunity for campers to learn socially and experientially while developing actual skills used in filmmaking

The Components of the Program

1) Project Based: The film camp uses a project-based approach, resulting in an actual short film for each consumer. This process provides the valuable experience of “learning by doing.”

2) Rule/Process-Based Approach: The equipment used and skills needed to complete the project are taught and exposed to consumers in a structured manner. The film camp follows a predictable routine and teaches the industry standard approach to filmmaking.

3) Individualization: While the camp follows a structured format, there is a fair amount of flexibility built in to address the individual needs of each consumer. Not only will each project be tailored to each consumer, activities and topics can be modified at any time to address specific needs or unanticipated situations.

4) Use of Technology: The film camp employs actual equipment used in the film industry. This provides the opportunity to learn functional and technical skills using the actual equipment. While the primary focus of the film camp is to teach the technical skills to produce a short film, current technology also provides a framework and springboard for critical thinking, executive functioning, social-cognitive skills, and language-pragmatic skills.

Date: March 12 – 16, 2018

Location: TBD

Cost: $1,500 per individual (Accepted forms of payment are Visa, MasterCard, and Check)


For more information contact:

Jigna Patel, Program Manager


V: (512) 674-9304 ext.900