Film & Media

E&CO’s Film & Media Program, a vocational program in partnership with Inclusion Films that assists individuals with developmental disabilities with learning the art of film production, multimedia development and supporting creative skills necessary in film and media industries. This program provides hands-on opportunities for program participants to develop the skills necessary to one day find employment in these industries!

The Film & Media Program has two components:

Film & Media Program

The program will serve 30 individuals, over a 20-week semester, at 25 hours per week. A typical program generally lasts 4 semesters. The program will explore in- depth film production, project management, marketing, graphic design, advertising, and sales. Each session will develop and build upon the creative and practical skills of interested filmmakers who have a developmental disability, with the ultimate goal for them to become employed, independent and well-rounded individuals. This program is located in the San Diego area and is in partnership with Inclusion films and Joey Travolta.

Film Academy

This is a 5 day, 5 hours per day, academy meant to introduce any interested parties to the benefits and skill sets covered by the program. The academy focuses on the basics of Lighting/Camera, Writing/Acting, Editing, Art Department, Marketing/ Graphic Design and Producing/Directing/Script Supervising and culminating in a film preview, showing a rough cut of the work completed by the adults enrolled in the week-long academy. The academy will be offered once a year usually in the summertime.

Participants will be limited to the first 30 students to enroll. Individuals must be able to transport themselves to the program and secure lunch independently.

Program Goals:

  • The program will dedicate 10 weeks to a first film and 10 weeks to a second film. Each individual will receive instruction on directing, producing, cinematography, and art. When filming is complete, the individual will learn post-production. Finally, the individual will explore the sales, marketing, and film distribution aspects of the business.
  • The program is designed to combine classroom style teaching with hands-on experience in order to combine the theoretical with the practical. The program approaches learning from the perspective that the material is best internalized when applied directly in the classroom, on the set and live productions!

Entrance Criteria:

  • Adults, 18 and over, with a developmental disability.
  • The individual must express an interest in film and media production.
  • The individual does not present a danger to themselves or others.
  • Funding must come from the Regional Center or by private payment.
  • The individual understands that this is a work/vocational program and the hours and times may vary to meet production needs.
  • The individual understands that to get the full benefit of the program, they need to complete the full program.
  • The individual has to be willing to work on independent mobility skills to get to and from the program, as can be done safely.

Individuals must go through an intake process to be accepted into the program.

Contact your service coordinator to request funding for Vendor #PY0815.

For more information or to sign up now please contact our Program Manager, Vincenzo Tarantino, at