The CPIC (Creating Pathways of Independence in the Community) program is a behavioral management day program that will provide a site and community based level of training including behavioral support, social skill development, occupational evaluation, transferable skill assessment, travel training, job preparation, employment and community interaction to adults with developmental disabilities who are 18 years of age or older and who have behavioral challenges that cannot or have not been accommodated within more traditional integrated community settings.

The CPIC program has two service types:

CPIC Intensive (CPIC-I)

An intensive site and community based program for individuals who are transitioning out of a Sate Developmental Center (DC) and/or be may be at risk of being admitted to a DC setting. The service is provided at a 1:2 staff to participant ratio.

CPIC Behavioral Day (CPIC-B)

A behavioral integrated community and site based program for individuals who have behavioral challenges that keep them from being successful in a traditional day program. This service is provided at a 1:3 staff to participant ratio.

CPIC Program Goals:

  • To decrease/eliminate maladaptive and/or interfering behaviors to a level where the individual can benefit from training, social relationships, vocational opportunities, community and home based activities, and meet personal long or short-term goals.
  • To identify individual treatment goals, which address multiple areas of personal development, to include vocational training, microenterprise, functional skills training, communication training, social skills training, and other skills needed to maximize potential and enhance personal strengths.
  • To assist individuals in acquiring those skills and behaviors necessary to be safely and successfully transitioned to a less intensively staffed program.

    Please contact Interim Program Manager, Morgan Davis, ext 701,