Joaquin and Efren

I want to introduce you to Joaquin and Efren. Joaquin and Efren are participants in our Santa Clara Integrated Employment program. Together they participate in one of many classes E&CO programs and services are able to provide thanks to your contributions, Creative Writing.

Recently, as integral parts of a talented group, Joaquin and Efren were able to take their newfound writing skills and put them to the test by preparing and submitting their own article for our quarterly newsletter!

Every quarter E&CO publishes an internal newsletter for our staff, participants, and families. This newsletter consists of exciting programmatic updates from different geographic locations and opportunities to showcase talents!

Joaquin, Efren and the rest of their group wrote down eloquent responses to questions such as , what do we do in writing class? What do we like about learning at E&CO? And what other classes do you enjoy at E&CO?

“I read a book about my life that was put together by me and some of my staff here at E&CO. I hope my book gets published so my friends and family can know about my life.” – Efren.

Classes like Creative Writing are great opportunities to learn and expand upon their current skill sets!

It is truly because of you that E&CO is able to not only provide our programs and services to adults with developmental disabilities but to offer diversified and unique opportunities for these individuals to succeed.