Partner With Us

Employment & Community Options (E&CO) partners with businesses to identify job openings that are a good fit for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Working closely with employers to make sure individuals we place successfully meet the requirements of the job, we have supported over 1,000 adults with intellectual disabilities in becoming productive, independent members of society by training and placing them into jobs.

Support and Training

We provide all the support and training needed, and you’ll be offering someone with disabilities the life-changing opportunity to have what we all desire: a secure job, independence, involvement and access to the community.

Our experienced staff will assist your business in reducing high turnover costs by providing pre-screened, job-ready applicants who are highly motivated, dependable and productive.

Our team is committed to assisting your business in gaining greater diversity in your workplace.

Individual Placement

  • 15 – 40 hours per week
  • Work experienced applicants
  • Ongoing coaching to assure the employee is working as independently and productively as possible

Group Placement

  • Groups of 3 individuals
  • 100% supervision by a job coach
  • Flexible full- and part-time hours