Legacy Circle Endowment Fund Founding Members


Michel Anderson Colleen & Allan Lukoff
Alice & George Barton Karen Meckstroth
Nancy Batterman Stephanie Murphy
Jacqueline & Jack Cohen Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
Bryan Ducote Betty & Andris Ramans
Mary Ellen & Peter Ferrantelli Marcia Ristock
Freedom Fighters of Santa Clara Iris & Frank Whelan
Sylvia & Stanley Ginsberg Jayne & Randall Yee
Ken Kisbert



Each year thousands of adults with developmental disabilities need a helping hand to get by. Without community support, they are destined to live isolated, unproductive lives, at great societal and human cost. Over the past 20 years, there has huge increase in people diagnosed with autism. The U.S. Center for Disease Control in 2011 states that one in 110 children is diagnosed with autism – making a huge demand for services across their lifespan. We are just beginning to see the increase now, in the adults we serve.

Employment & Community Options make a key difference for more than 1,000 adults with developmental disabilities. Operating upon the belief that everyone who wants to work deserves a job, and can be employed with proper support, E&CO is a leader in helping people get and keep a job and live as independently as possible.

We foster activities for program participants that get them into the community as workers, volunteers, and students – rather than in isolated programs and workshops. Without these critical services, thousands of disabled adults continue to live as dependents, ‘warehoused’ in private homes, group homes and state institutions, with little or no ability to lead productive and meaningful lives. Many are willing and able to perform meaningful work, contribute to society, earn money and lead meaningful lives. Today, over 95% of the funding for this program comes from public sources. State and Federal agencies are under pressure to reduce expenditures, often at the expense of those least able to advocate for themselves.

An Endowment Gift will ensure that the vital role served by Employment & Community Options to adults with development disabilities will be more secure for the long term.


  • Employment Services – matches participating employers with suitable adults with developmental disabilities and a job coach to guide the program participants on the job site. State and matching federal funds support the job coach position.
  • Independent Living Training – one-to-one living skills training and support in the home and community for individuals desiring to live independently. Help with basics such as banking, financial management, shopping, cooking, self care, grooming, laundry, etc. to maximize independent living. ILS is funded by the local regional center.
  • Mobility and Public Transportation Training – instructs people in the use of public transit, safely getting to work, school, health appointments, shopping, etc.
  • Autism Services – Due to growing influx of individuals with autism into our services we are actively developing creative solutions and service delivery models to specifically support participants with autism in the community.


  • Current services and programs now offered will be at risk
  • Risk of reversing progress and successes already made would exist
  • Voice of the ‘voiceless’ might disappear
  • Funds for contingency events would not be available


  • To develop programs to address issues of aging – facing our people 10-20 years earlier than the larger population.
  • To fill in gaps in other funding as they may occur.
  • To allow us to weather future economic “storms” and still provide needed services.
  • To be responsive to changing and emerging needs – such as aging programs, technology devices, transportation, micro-enterprise incubator space.
  • Continually improve quality of service delivery


  • Designate a gift through a Bequest of cash, securities, trust endowment, real estate or other personal property.
  • Add Employment & Community Options as a beneficiary of a retirement fund or insurance policy.
  • Make a current donation to the Legacy Endowment Fund in your own name or that of a loved one.
  • Encourage others to join you in supporting this important work. Download the information from this page in a pdf document here.


  • Peace of mind knowing our most vulnerable citizens are cared for with humanity and dignity.
  • Benefit from charitable tax deductions – allowing more of your money to go where you want.


  • Ensure the continuity of services to the disabled in the community.
  • Provide an on-going source of funding to insulate a valuable program from government funding challenges.
  • Allow disabled adults to live meaningful lives and enhance the community at large.


With a $5 million endowment, Employment & Community Options will allow $200,000 each year to support innovations, and be a buffer to funding volatility. In November 2011, the Employment & Community Options Board of Directors voted to move the Legacy Circle Endowment to the San Diego Community Foundation.  They also established the Legacy Circle Investment Fund with the Silicon Valley Community Foundation


Alaina Purcell,Marketing & Development Specilialist

858-565-9870 x 101 | apurcell@optionsforall.org